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Age at beginning of story: 16
Current age in story: 16

Emotional and self-conscious on the inside, she puts up a front to others to prevent them from knowing something is wrong. She's generally a happy person when her worries are [temporarily] forgotten, and loves drawing, music and having fun with her friends. Her friends turn to her for advice, but she has no one herself, and that's what makes her so secretly unstable. She wants to be a doctor, but her real dream is just to earn and give love, and that fuels most of her jealousy.

Age at beginning of story: 16
Current age in story: 16

A cheerful person most of the time, his laugh brightens the room. He's self-conscious of himself for a guy, but only his close friends know that, and he worries what others think at times. He loves sculpture, horror movies and his friends. He's closed to music, but broadening his experiences, and is always there when a friend needs him. He doesn't have easy access to computers, so the main way to get a hold of him is by texting him via cell phone which he has on him at all times (and dies a little inside when he doesn't have it.)

Age at beginning of story: 16
Current age in story: 16

She's a peppy and cheerful person whose easily wavered with emotions due to such strong sensitivity. She loves cute things (like hello kitty, and cats) and loves to be around people. She's quick to fall for a guy, and when she gets a boyfriend, the world closes off and her life and love is devoted to him. She's ignorant of her actions and is one to pent up her emotions and then let them out by venting to a friend. She lives states away from the others in Florida, which she moved to before the story begins. She's the owner of Samara, her cat of many years.

Samara the Cat
Samara is Lilith's cat since before Lilith became friends with everyone else. She has a high tolerance for her master, who dresses her up and makes her dance. She's not a violent cat or a fierce one, being female, but a caring and loving cat that adores those she knows.